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The Truth in Words

10/2/07 07:41 am - From Confusious's Great Learning:

The ancients who wished to illustrate illustrious virtue throughout the Kingdom first ordered well their own states. Wishing to order well their states, they first regulated their families. Wishing to regulate their families, they first cultivated their persons. Wishing to cultivate their persons, they first rectified their hearts. Wishing to rectify their hearts, they first sought to be sincere in their thoughts. Wishing to be sincere in their thoughts, they first extended to the utmost their knowledge. Such extension of knowledge lay in the investigation of things.

Thanks to the prophet who scouts out our texts!  May she be ever cultivating.

8/24/07 01:13 pm - Knot tying

The other day at work, a woman came in and told me a story. She said her father had died a while ago, and her mother, her sister and the woman were all still having a difficult time mourning. She told me that at the funeral a friend told her to take a piece of cord and every morning when she woke up, to tie a knot in the cord and have a memory of her father. She was to do this for one hundred days, one hundred memories. The woman, her sister, and mother had decided to do this, and at the end they were going to braid the three cords together and hang them in a tree their father had planted long ago.

I was extremely touched by this way to remember someone, and found it all the more memorable because of the knot-tying aspect.


6/4/07 03:12 pm - You are HERE!

Welcome, Melina to our flock!  Let her so be named, The Cartographer of That Which Should Be, Could Be, Must Be, and Probably Already Is.  (aka, mapmaker.)

It is another joyous day for the net.  Let praise be given to our new member, who helps create knots between the edge and the middle, those things that might and those that probably will be.  Should you be lost in your knots, nets, and entanglements you must only ask to receive a hearty YOU ARE HERE!  Should you have a question about ...well, where you are, what is nearby, and how one might possibly get there, call on the Mapmaker to make you a map.

In her honour today, please sing the following song (to the tune of Matchmaker, from Fiddler on the Roof) while grabbing the part of yourself that most is.

Mapmaker, Mapmaker
make ma a map
find me a place
catch me a path
Mapmaker, Mapmaker
look through the Net
and make me a perfect map!

at the end of the song, yell at least one of these phrases, according to your psychological and spiritual locations:
ROCK WORM, if you're lost with no (apparent) way out.
TRUE, if you know right where you are.
SÍMEN ACSA'ANWA, if you know your destination but not your path.

1/12/07 02:32 pm - Welcome, Shaman!

Today is the Holy Day of Naming for Aoife, shaman of the Sinte'Iluve!
Praise be to her, may she teach us the healing ways to uncover our knot-tying abilities that have been covered by illness, disease, and obsessive reason.
Today, in her honour, please forgive something small and insignificant.

1/12/07 02:26 pm - Found Holy Text by Robert Silverberg

This is the first in a series of "Found Holy Texts."  If you find a Text which reflects our knots, submit it to the godhead for analysis of its potential Holy status.  More often than not, if it helps you tie a knot, it will help others. 

Praise be to the prophet for bringing us this text!  May it help us all to tie better the illuminating threads of the Sinte'Iluve.
Holy text uncovered by the Prophet!Collapse )

1/4/07 03:08 am - Joyous Announcements!

1. Another Day of Naming!

Welcome to Zach, Master Beadle, Precenter, & Verger
.  He shall prepare the worship services, keeping rhythm and order with his menoritic spray bottle.
Welcome to Anne, Priestess of Flippancy.  It has been recognized that she has the gifts of spontaneous wisdom and sacred levity. 
Welcome to Nick, Menorite.  Nick shall remain in and of the world for religious (knot tying) reasons.

May their knots be strong,
May their tying be praised,
May they hold us up as we
endeavour to do the same!

In their honour, splash water on your face and immediately say whatever comes to mind.  You are encouraged to post your sayings as comments to this Holy Entry.

2. Adversarial Wisdom
Many faiths have a devil or evil counterpart to their Godhead.  Nuteans generally believe that evil is beyond the Border of that Which Is Not.  We do, however, welcome an Adversary or a Critic.  We accept that a person who stands outside our Net may more easily show how we are tangled, in pointing out their noticings they may only help us as we seek to interlace our Sinte'Iluvian thread.  It is for this reason I quote to you, here, a message from our named Adversary:

Knot theory
I know I'm going to regret this but... here, a New Year's gift to the misguided followers of that religion I strenuously adversi... adverta... adver... oppose.

1/2/07 04:17 pm - Aina-Gor

Our Jihad against all things which do not exist, including those things which do not exist in the imagination 

shall henceforth be referred to within the Anwaquetta as 
Our Aina-Gor against all things which do not exist, including those things which do not exist in the imagination.

Please imagine that the correction has been made within the texts.

1/1/07 04:07 am - A Message from our Priestess of Creativity!

The following is taken from the livejournal of our Priestess of Creativity.  Praise be to her!

In the New Year, thou shalt not only continue to tie knots- but thou must seekth **NEW** and inventive ways to tie knots. For your New Year, a list of suggestions for creative and unique knot-tying---
1. Al dente spaghetti noodles can be tied (decoratively) into knots
2. Gum wrappers make lovely origami knots
3. Kombu- a dried sea veggie/seaweed (found in most natural/asian grocery stores) can be blanched, sliced into thin strips and tied into decoratvie knots for soups, main dishes, etc.
4. Siracha hot sauce drizzled over cashews...oh wait, that's thai nuts
5. shoelaces- daily knot tying rememberance
6. Leave hair unwashed for a week or so, "roll" into cords and tie as an act of declaring Sinteluvian knot-tying (similar to rastafarian dreads)
7. Hang out in Bangkok with a bunch of crazies...oops, thai nuts AGAIN
8. Friendship bracelets are hereforth declared a holy symbol, being made entirely of knots

prosperous knot-tying in the new year fellow Nuteans!!!!

12/30/06 04:50 pm - Jihad (continued)

This was originally posted as a response to a dear nuteans skepticism of our jihad.  I am reposting it here for all to see:

I feel it is best to delve deep into the purpose of our jihad. As the border between that which is and that which is not, I can tell you that this is a most important task which has been set upon us. That which does not exist, even in the imagination, Should not exist. I write Should with a capital S, because it is fact, not point of view. There are several things that should not exist, even in the imagination, but those that don't Should not exist in the imagination. It is not only necessary for the order of things, but for the chaos of things as well. This jihad, dear nutean, is not a matter of mere whimsy, either (except on the part of Chaos, through whom most things are whimsy....except when they are not, in which case it is best not to ask questions). These things which do not exist, even in the imagination, have risen up to take hold of those things which exist only in the imagination and not in media representation and use them towards their own ends (of which can not be imagined). So long as they stay on one side of the border I, myself, have little power against them and need the help of all nuteans to ward off this enemy. Please keep your imaginations alert and active!

12/28/06 08:34 am - Welcome

Wow.  I take a week long vacation and the flock grows more than it has the entire year before.  

Welcome to all you new Nuteans: Natalie, Case, Judah, Aileen.  May you help hold us up as we seek to do the same for you and your knots.

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